Posted To RWER Blog More On Paradigms

Me:  Changing the curriculum is fine, but if we’d focus on developing new paradigm/pattern perception by attending to the history and signatures of paradigm changes, then changing it would become a straightforward logical process…because all you’d need to do is align policies and structures with the new single concept of the pattern….and then we wouldn’t have to endure another decade or 5000 years to actually “get somewhere”.

Humanity has become so enamored of and stuck in Science Only for the paradigm of inquiry that they have lost track of the paradigm of Wisdom which includes science, which enables one to discern clearly within complexity like good open minded science aspires to and of the fact that every scientific break through/paradigmatic change is an integration of the scientific method and an aspect of human consciousness via its tool of wisdom.

Stop looking through the wrong end of the telescope and carry on.

DT:  Would that life were so simple, Craig! In order to focus on the pattern of paradigm change we have to articulate it so it can be seen, which is what my crossed diamond diagram is all about. But even with that, though on paper all we have to is redesign policies, in reality every person begins by knowing nothing, and it has to be communicated to him in face of noise from others who have not yet seen it, or are still so committed to the old paradigm that they are unable to see it.

Me:  The singular concept aspect of a new paradigm is exceedingly simple, the way it fits into the aligned temporal structures of the economy and transforms the entire pattern is the thing that is somewhat more complicated and completes and confirms the single concept’s qualification as a new paradigm.

There are additional policies, aspects and changes with my Wisdomics-Gracenomics, but the two policies I continually reference here actually accomplish the paradigm change all by themselves because they resolve the two most basic problematic conditions of modern economies, chronic inflation and systemic austerity/scarcity of individual income.

You’re quite right that people “have to see it” which is why we need to create a grass roots movement to show/play out the temporal universe effects of these two policies at which time they can see that it immediately ends poverty, makes everyone with even a part time job a member of the upper middle class and has many other beneficial economic, political, social and psychological effects.

It’s easy for me because I’ve always had an integrative perspective, and have studied paradigms, wisdom traditions and economics from the best for the last 10 years which has enabled what I refer to as paradigm perception which is really just an adjunct temporal ability of the consciousness raising and self actualizing tool known as wisdom.


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