Paradigm Perception Like Consciousness…Is Everything

Perceiving consciousness itself after all is the pinnacle of epistemological knowledge and paradigms are the highest and purest expressions of mind in whatever aspect of human endeavor they apply/relate to.


You can have both Cartesian coordinate and unitary experience within the cosmic code formulation of a thoroughly integrated duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-consciousness-process.

The sages of history were the scientists of their time….and probably of all time. When the zen masters refer to getting past “the breath on the mirror” they’re talking about dropping any semblance of ego identity in pursuit of the experience of consciousness itself. Now that is a thorough integration of the scientific and wisdom modes of mind-experience.

The paradigm of inquiry, of Science Only, has become a subtle and resistant bias over the last 500 years or so and needs to relent and be integrated with the more inclusive paradigm of Wisdom…. in order to aid perception of the 5000 year old paradigm of Debt/Burden/Additional Cost Post Retail Sale and thereby enlighten and facilitate the new paradigm of grace as in Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Integrate the truths in opposites. Make that your ethic and you’ll be the wisest and best scientist around.

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