Posted To a Yahoo Article 08/03/2018

Of course the dems are out to get Trump that’s the idiot ethic and paradigm of Power Only that pervades our politics. But Trump is likely not only a serial launderer of Russian money but also a conspirator against the US during the election….and the rule of law by a real straight arrow by the name of Mueller is what’s important instead of more tribal hypnotism…from either party.

Guys like Bannon are erudite dunces who can’t see past party politics and can’t discern the difference between chaos and freedom as they believe in a scetchy intellectual “fourth turning” which is really nothing but the oft historic failure to acheive a thirdness greater oneness which is the true signature of a mental and systemic integration of the truths in opposites….and is what we actually need to extricate ourselves from all of the reactionary nonsense that we see taking place before our very eyes.

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