Posted To RWER Blog 07/05/2018

Combining a universal dividend and a policy of equal monetary debits and credits at the point of sale throughout the entire economic/productive process including final retail sale is the way to:

1) implement the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting

2) end the reign of Finance’s monopoly paradigm of Debt/Burden/Cost Only

3) with a 50% discount-debit/rebate-credit policy at the point of sale as per above double everyone’s purchasing power and double the amount of debt free and available demand for any and all enterprise’s products and services

4) not only end modern economy’s chronic problem with inflation, but within the current limited paradigm miraculously, painlessly and beneficially integrate price deflation into profit making systems

5) eliminate the “necessity” of transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and quite quickly even for social security thus further reducing costs for business and increasing individual take home pay

6) except for a smallish but sovereignty establishing percentage, end the ruse that taxes are necessary to prevent inflation and to fund government on all levels, thus enabling a monetarily sovereign government to fund itself (guided by the many aspects of the pinnacle natural philosophical concept of grace) and thus vastly reducing personal and business income taxation

7) combine and integrate the best aspects and highest ethical considerations of the alleged agendas of the political left (monetary and economic democracy) and right (the protection and furtherance of free enterprise) thus exposing any objection to such integration as a covert or unconscious means of maintaining the current monopoly paradigm of finance

8) make entirely possible the vital financing for environmentally cleansing technologies and energy and resource efficiency innovations so badly and urgently needed

9) end the failed and oppressive experiment/covert enslavement of homo economicus and begin the civilizationally transformational move toward man having under girding systems that enable and encourage the self actualization of his true species designation of homo sapiens sapiens, wise and discerning man

Look at it, keep looking at it, especially number 3….until you actually see it and all of the rest of its benefits….and go OMG!

c copyright


Steve Hummel


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