Posted To RWER Blog Regarding the New Paradigm and Its Affirmation of Grace By Scientific Breakthrough

EKH:  Craig

You say: “Macro-economics will never solve the problems it has correctly identified because they aren’t looking in the right places to solve them …”

There is no point any longer in bashing or reinterpreting macro or micro.#1, #2 Orthodoxy, Heterodoxy, and Pluralism are provably false. More specifically, they are axiomatically false, that is, beyond repair.

In this situation, the representative economist has only this options left (i) to work on the paradigm shift or (ii) to throw himself under the bus.

Science is binary true/false with NOTHING in-between.

Me:  I completely agree that orthodoxy, heterodoxy and pluralism are all provably false…because they all still reside within the old monetary paradigm of scarcity/austerity….and ITS incompleteness, blindness…and in fact its non alignment with cutting edge science which tells us that the entire cosmos is in an utterly integrated,integrative and abundant (being cosmic how could it be anything but abundant) flux/process/flow…which are all aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace.

Science, good science and scientific breakthroughs not only do not conflict with grace….they affirm it.

EKH:  You violate the first rule of science: Do NOT apply religious/spiritual concepts in an economic argument.#1

Scientific truth is well-defined by material/formal consistency. The rest of human communication is just brain-dead blather.

Me:  Egmont

Sorry, you violate the first rule of GOOD NON-orthodox science: Keep your mind open to all existent (no matter who it is attributed to) data and philosophy.

#1 The supreme beingness being the cosmos and you being apart thereof….the associative principle applies


JB:  Hi, Craig, I like your use of the word “abundance”. We, however, are in a culturally/legally nationalist setting over here as you well know. Germans think their views are best for all–frugality, personal responsibility to a large degree, etc–and evaluate other nations accordingly. Since each nation is sovereign, we are in a classic-trade off situation between EU members, as you also know.

Me:  James,  Yes, all the more important that domestic economies be enabled to generate sufficiently abundant aggregate individual demand via both employment and the policies of the new paradigm of Gifting so that a true and humanly satisfactory subsidiary international confederation can result…as opposed to moralistically justified export platforming or financially manipulative reserve currencies.

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