Posted To RWER Blog 07/03/2018 Regarding Macro-Economics

Egmont is right, about Keynesianism and all of present macro-economics actually. Why? Because macro actually doesn’t consider the individual DIRECTLY. It’s a bunch of aggregate statistics derived from thrice removed mathematics trying to discover a solution to a problem that is not forthcoming…because they’re not thinking paradigmatic-ally nor are they looking in the right place to discover that the rate of flow of total costs and so total prices inherently exceeds the rate of flow of total available INDIVIDUAL incomes….and because exactly like the church before the Reformation a monopoly entity dominated INDIVIDUALS’ access to grace via their sacraments ONLY…except now its Finance’s monopoly paradigm of Debt/Burden/Cost ONLY denying the individual’s DIRECT and resolving access to monetary grace as in gifting and commercial agent’s being reciprocally denied the same.

Directness and immediacy of effect are aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace and an aspect or aspects of grace have been the operant factors behind every paradigm change in human history.

Economists need to “up their game” of statistical, abstract and scientific analyses by integrating them into the conscious understanding of paradigm perception and its underlying and resolving concept.


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