Economics, Natural Law and Human Ethics

When an animal comes upon something edible does it hesitate to partake of it? Of course not, and humans although being discerning and capable animals should not be forced into considerations about same. We have long ago been capable, especially in modern economies, to provide a satisfactory lifestyle for everyone, and to do so while enterprise also makes a fair and very lucrative profit for their efforts. As it is the heritage of all life to live in the abundant environment of the earth, so past technological and productive process is the cultural heritage of mankind, and finding ways to not only increase everyone’s share of that, but to make the profitable operation of enterprise less onerous should be both a reasonable and ethically humane goal. This is what a dispensation of love and its active form grace can easily accomplish given that heritage and its further ability to create abundance.

The “curse of Adam” was perhaps an honest evaluation of productive capability 6000 years ago, but not now and even less in the future. Mankind and economists must update their philosophy/thinking and policies/actions to recognize this both as the new ethic…and the way to resolve the economy’s instabilities and eventual complete non-functioning.

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