Signatures and Policies of The New Paradigm

Me:  There are no free markets presently, only relative degrees of chaotic ones. When an economic system is bounded on neither the lower end by cost nor the upper end by price it is by definition chaotic. There is no such thing as a TOTALLY free or even stable let alone ethical human system, only one’s that allow the freedom existent between known barriers.

The two primary problems of modern economic systems are monetary austerity for both enterprise and the individual, and until an historically routine debt deflation occurs….chronic inflation.

Savings and profits and the pooling of same in investment vehicles like bonds remove money from the flow of the economy, and their re-investment incurs additional costs. Depreciation of fixed assets also incur additional costs. As the cost accounting convention that all costs must go into price is an informative and valid one the only correct way to resolve monetary austerity is via a policy that does not incur additional costs to the individual, enterprise or the system itself. That means, no matter how powerful or resistant finance may be to giving up their monopoly monetary paradigm of Debt/Cost/Burden Only….there must be a form of monetary gifting…or austerity will end profit making systems.

Monetary inflation is a misnomer because money itself is not the operant factor in “monetary” inflation. The operant factor is the TOTAL freedom, when the economy is not stopped or recovering from a debt deflation, for business decision makers to be able to raise their prices when they see more money coming into the system. Given the chronic problem of austerity the trick to eliminating this somewhat understandable temptation is to devise a policy that not only eliminates inflation, but accomplishes what is presently considered impossible, that is, that painlessly and beneficially integrates price deflation into profit making systems.

New paradigms are always conceptually oppositional to old ones, and they also invert problematic dualities within the old paradigm to the point of thirdness greater oneness and so essential and unmistakably progressive transformation of the area of human endeavor/body of knowledge that they take place in.

And this is why a universal gift of a monthly dividend to the individual and discount/rebate policies at the point of sale throughout the entire length of the legitimate economic/productive process including final retail sale….are the policies that will implement the new paradigm.

HS:  In the current chains of non-governance and lawlessness, all regulatory regimes, including funding regimes are null and void. Exported to the entire universe and the outcome will remain the same. This particular process started some time ago, reached its maturity with the advent of “globalisation” and is currently out-sourced at untraceable speed and velocity. What is to be done? This remains the key question.

Me:  Helen,

Your observations and laments are well taken. The answer is: Graciously impose direct and reciprocal, rational, ethical and beneficial order at the specific problematic points in time in the economic process, and also free the individual with a direct monetary gift.

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