Posted To RWER Blog 06/27/2017

PCR:  There is a fundamental flaw in the way that both Donald Trump and his critics generally talk about trade. They make it an issue of country versus country, raising the question of whether China, Canada and other trading partners are treating the United States fairly as a country.

Me:  A large component and strategy of International trade is really simply a very inefficient way for nations to try to garner enough additional individual income to make their domestic economies function flowingly and well. This was never actually “up to the job” and is becoming increasingly problematic.

Again, the only workable and universally beneficial thing to do is to integrate costlessness/monetary gifting digitally/intelligently into economies as it will stabilize them immediately and enable modern technologically advanced ones to be prosperous without attempting to dominate or manipulate their neighbors and less developed ones to industrialize/re-industrialize quickly and ecologically sanely.


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