The Hopefully Happy Ending of Our Current Political Mess

We’d better have new civics and history courses ready to educate everyone after this hopefully comes to a happy ending for the country and an unhappy one for all of the guilty parties and deluded mouthpieces that supported and bolstered Trump in all of this. That should include the heroic examples of Mueller and many others.
IMO a new economic and monetary paradigm needs to also be recognized that re-establishes a greater social contract between government, business and the individual. There’s nothing like stable prosperity to make racist and fascist thinkers crawl back under the rock they from, and also to prompt a positive integration of bad experiences to raise people’s consciousness regarding the evils of demagoguery, the disintegrative nature of coarse and polarized politics and to appreciate anew the value of democracy.
I think the deviousness of types like Stone and the long honed art if not science of manipulative Russian counter intelligence and propaganda have created a monster of lies and deceit that could put up a heavy fog of plausible deniability. I only hope that Mueller is as good as we assume and can pierce it.

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