Posted To RWER Blog 06/26/2018 Regarding A Debate About Paradigms

KZ:  The movie Gladiator from Ridley Scott depicts what life looked like in the Roman Empire at its height. Many reviewers and audience found great relief in Russell Crowe’s killing of the Emperor Commodus. A killing that gave the happy-ending most movie goers like. While some of the ways of life depicted in the movie reflect historical research accurately, the ending of the movie does not. No gladiator killed Commodus. Members of the Roman Senate assassinated him. Strangled in his bath after poisoning failed. And even after his death nothing changed in the form or structure of the Roman Empire. Romans had no notion of progress. Today we do, thus the “happy-ending” filmed by director Scott. The static and hopeless world of Scott’s Gladiator general would create such psychic distress in today’s humans that most would be senseless within a few weeks. The moral: don’t assume humans always knew about, understood, or wanted progress (technological or otherwise). This is a relatively recent cultural invention.

Me:  Correct. Humanity is actually only vaguely and shallowly conscious/self aware and thus lacks the wisdom and ethical fortitude to do….what is even obviously in their own self interest. And are becoming more and more “distracted from distraction by distraction.”

All the more reason to create a social, political, economic, monetary and anthropological infrastructure that aligns with and supports the highest concept of wisdom….that is, grace and its economically relevant philosophical and policy application….monetary gifting.

KZ:  The first and most durable socio-political-economic arrangements for the species Sapiens is communism. Thusly, such arrangements are ingrained in the biology and culture of Sapiens. Other arrangements have supplanted communism for periods of time, especially after 5,000 BCE. These were forced into place mostly by biologically deviant humans and kept in place by physical force and threats. Various forms of predatory economics were part of these aberrations. Including monarchy, manorialism, mercantilism, and capitalism. The current version is an extreme form of financial capitalism maintained in power by 10-12 resource and political power rich deviant humans. These deviants work to enslave humans and steal both resources and the authority to decide the future of the species. These newest versions of “elite humans” taunt and degrade the rest of humanity. Intent on shaping the species to it own ends. We can’t allow this to continue, for the sake of species survival.

Me:  “The first and most durable socio-political-economic arrangements for the species Sapiens is communism.”

Correct again. Of course the new monetary and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is both reflective of communism (it’s directly monetarily distributive into the many hands of individuals and reciprocally monetarily distributive to enterprise) and yet is also an integratively evolved form of profit making systems.

Wisdom is the process of the integration of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations….of opposing perspectives.

HS:  The real issue was, is and will remain POVERTY.

Me:  “The real issue was, is and will remain POVERTY.”

Poverty is the inevitable effect of the paradigm of Debt Only. A $1000/mo. universal dividend paired with a 50% discount/rebate policy at the point of sale throughout the entire economic/productive process and also at the point of retail sale, immediately gives every adult $2000/mo of free and available purchasing power….and thus immediately ends poverty! And as a kicker, being strategically implemented at the terminal expression point for any and all price inflation, turns that chronic vice of profit making systems….into painless and beneficial price deflation!

KZ:  The idea that the USA trade deficit with China provides an edge in negotiation isn’t just wrong, it’s entirely backward. More than a third of China’s exports to the US are parts used in building things at factories already in the US. Raising the price on those goods leaves companies little choice but to pass that additional cost on to customers.

Me:  Correct. The currently constructed international economic system has been set up to keep seemingly unresolvable cost and profit problems in suspension. The conundrum of tariffs and free and fair trade is one such.

Your cost accounting observation that “Raising the price on those goods leaves companies little choice but to pass that additional cost on to customers.” enlightens the cost accounting convention that all costs must go into price, and points not only toward the tool that integratively undergirds and applies to every point of exchange, that is double entry bookkeeping, but where in commerce (the point of sale) policies can be implemented to resolve the above conundrum that the monetary paradigm of Debt Only enforces and keeps in suspension.

GC:  Communal human is somewhere between a pack and herd animal. Even in a comfortable ocean view communal cave we probably had our own private bed. I’ll stay home and tend the garden makes excess abundance for my community. That’s what I’ll do, It fuels evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate.

Will this fuel the power Econoclast has kindly offered to help keep track of itself?

Me:  The current paradigm of economics holds power and its negative effects in place. The only way to begin to stop that is implementing the new economic paradigm….and then using the same concept behind both the new paradigm and the only thing bigger and more mentally potent than a paradigm, a zeitgeist/new ethic of the age, and that concept is grace as in benevolence.

JB:  Hi, Craig, over my long existence I have found few who do what we do: try to stand back & view the entirety. Most are into their immediate familial & personal situations. Trump builds his family’ wealth/political future. Few in Parliament are any different, I expect.
With such rapid change in national clout & personal settings, it is really hard for most to grasp universal values, as we are on a tumultuous ocean voyage or at least earthquake-prone land with rutted roads. Then of course we have much of the media engaged in stirring the emotional pot, it seems to me.

Me:  Yes, that (individualism) is an accurate observation. The only thing is…its completely irrelevant after the paradigm change has occurred because most will simply accept the new paradigm, go back to being unconscious of it the same as they were of the old one and yet be fully accepting of its lasting progressive effects. Again, humanity is still in its infancy so far as conscious self awareness is concerned.

Now your concern about individualism being an inhibition to paradigm perception and initial acceptance is also valid, but as the Chinese (or is it Japanese) character for crisis is synonymous with change, mankind cannot long endure sustained crisis and the mass socio-economic and political movement I’ve been advocating here will need to be intelligently targeted to those constituencies whose self interests obviously dovetail with the new paradigm and its policies. (The new paradigm is actually in everyone’s self interest, except perhaps those who are employed and/or inured to the old paradigm…because that is the nature and definition of a paradigm change.)

Finally, recent sociological research regarding tipping points and the power of a dedicated small percentage of activists has strongly suggested that majorities are actually not needed for new ideas to become the norm. Ken can probably confirm this sociological research fact.

KZ:  Craig depends on what is meant by grace. Often it is identified as act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency. Christians have difficulty agreeing on one meaning of grace. For many Protestants grace is “the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not necessarily because of anything we have done to earn it.” The Catholic Church holds that it is because of the action of Christ and the Holy Spirit in transforming into the divine life what is subjected to God’s power that “the sacraments confer the grace they signify”: “the power of Christ and his Spirit acts in and through [each sacrament], independently of the personal holiness of the minister. Nevertheless, the fruits of the sacraments also depend on the disposition of the one who receives them. And while I agree that humans generally are far from completely self-aware or able to exercise significant control of some of its actions, I cannot agree with the conclusion that grace is the only solution for this deficit. Sapiens is the only imaginative creature on earth. The only creature on earth that fabricates its life whole cloth from its imagination. Fabricating Sapiens culture of equality, sharing, and communal economics and politics is our only hope for salvation.

Me: Ken,
All of the things you enumerated are separate definitions/aspects of the Christian doctrine of grace, not separate conclusive descriptions themselves. Grace being not just a religious belief, but a simultaneously encompassing and interpenetratively panENtheistic cosmic reality inverts/ends any merely fragmentary perspective on it. Grace is a continual dynamically interactive and integrative mental state in humans also known as a higher state of consciousness…that is, in comparison to most people’s normal garden variety state of same. No put down intended by that, just the truth. Grace is also the temporal reality and expression of the more fundamental quantum reality, its just that it happens to have more time and space intruding upon it and hence it presents tremendous and endless puzzlement for humans….to resolve.

“I cannot agree with the conclusion that grace is the only solution for this deficit.”

That is simply the temporally biased perspective intruding upon the more fundamental truth….that grace is the cosmic, complete and more underlying reality. This is not to say that a fragmented perspective doesn’t have reality or value, just that it isn’t the complete solution. The complete solution is a complete exegesis and understanding of as many of the relevant aspects of the universal and cosmic reality of grace, in whatever system/area of human endeavor is under examination, that a new cognition (theory) and action (policy) is the result. That’s also the definition of a new paradigm.

Hence, contemplating grace in all of its aspects is simultaneously capable of being the highest application of the fragmenting, objective mental mode of thought known as science and an enlightening and personally beneficial study of human consciousness….at the same time.

Economists need to contemplate grace. It would be well worth their time, and a faster means of progress than advancing “one funeral at a time.”


Regarding Why The Euro Cannot Be Saved

LS: The euro has taken away the possibility for national governments to manage their economies in a meaningful way — and in Italy, just as in Greece a couple of years ago, the people have had to pay the true costs of its concomitant misguided austerity policies. 

The unfolding of the repeated economic crises in euroland during the last decade has shown beyond any doubts that the euro is not only an economic project but just as much a political one. What the neoliberal revolution during the 1980s and 1990s didn’t manage to accomplish, the euro shall now force on us.

But do the peoples of Europe really want to deprive themselves of economic autonomy, enforce lower wages and slash social welfare at the slightest sign of economic distress? Is increasing income inequality and a federal überstate really the stuff that our dreams are made of? I doubt it.

History ought to act as a deterrent. During the 1930s our economies didn’t come out of the depression until the folly of that time — the gold standard — was thrown on the dustbin of history. The euro will hopefully soon join it.

Economists have a tendency to get enthralled by their theories and model and forget that behind the figures and abstractions there is a real world with real people. Real people that have to pay dearly for fundamentally flawed doctrines and recommendations.

Me:  Making domestic economies abundantly profitable and free flowing with the new paradigm policies of a universal dividend and discount/rebate policies throughout the entire economic/productive process is the way to resolve both the vices of reserve currency manipulativeness and the domineering strategy of being an export platform.

With sovereign and rational publicly administered finance making money no object or problem, and AI increasingly removing the need for human economic input each country could then re-industrialize in the most efficient and ecologically sane manner possible. Then, if we grow a couple of extra neurons by implementing an intelligent program for the acculturation of the populace to leisure (self chosen and self directed focus on purposeful activities…NOT idleness) we’d have a much more positive, happy, constructive and creative world. And if anyone was having trouble finding purpose without traditional employment a job guarantee could fit easily within the mental and economic set described above.

Also, within the above paradigm an objective analysis allows for chiding the Italians for inefficiency of economic strategy and effort, and chiding the Germans for their occasional drift toward dominance via moralistic rectitude. Being of German descent I’m well aware of the tendency.

PB:  ”The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”

― Mikhail Gorbachev

For those who wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes, here:
Is a review of how the EU was created and by whom. Hint: it was the CIA.

Me: That’s actually pretty standard operating procedure for the CIA and for the primary force behind American foreign policy, namely finance and its current monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only. And actually, not to belittle the stress, institutional destructiveness and loss of life it has caused, there probably wasn’t a group of bankers and financiers slavering over some vector analysis board laughing evilly while it was all planned out. It was much more likely that the CIA consulted “the best financial advice they could get” that was based on the fallacies in DSGE, and so everyone felt they were actually doing the right thing for everyone. Conspiracies, especially large ones, are almost non-existent. It’s the systems that are built on fallacious thinking and well meaning experts that are unaware of the deeper problem of way outmoded paradigms and who also have no idea of their new replacement….that are the real problem.


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