Steve Keen’s Cognition About The Unsustainability of Exponentially Rising Debt Is…

…a reflective yet fragmentary/data type of breakthrough experience and insight to the integrative paradigmatic insight of realizing that the money, pricing and accounting systems are all digital, that the point of sale throughout the entire length of the economic/productive process is a temporary summing point for all costs and prices for any item or service, that retail sale is the terminal summing point for same, plus both the terminal ending point of the entire economic/productive process and finally the terminal expression point for any and all kinds of inflation…..and thus a 50% discount/rebate policy, that is applying equal amounts of debits and credits at these points, can double everyone’s potential purchasing power, double the amount of money available for any enterprise’s products or service….and thus transforms the present paradigm of scarcity/austerity/haltingness into abundance/luxuriousness/free flowingness.

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