Paradigm Perception: Economics Is Neither High Enough Nor “Low” Enough…

…because this is what a paradigm change is.  It’s a single mentally discriptive concept that also integrates into and transforms virtually an entire new pattern. It’s the new idea (“highness”) that guides policy (“lowness”) and makes it transformative and evolving in qualitative and quantitative ways.

Current economic thinking, even amongst the “cutting edge” heterodox still fails this definition, largely because they lack the philosophical and historical bono fides necessary to see the reflectivities in these areas and in the area in which the new paradigm applies. But even more importantly they lack the consistently integrative mindset that takes data-knowledge, sees its wholistic possibilities and then can craft policies that perfectly align with and effect….the single concept that is the new paradigm.

Thus even though their abstract abilities may be stellar (“high”) their wisdom/depth of understanding/mental follow through/policy effectiveness (“low”) remains fragmentary, incomplete and blinkered so far as paradigm perception is concerned.  This despite advocating policies that actually reflect separate aspects of the paradigmatic concept! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen this handicap in otherwise brilliant people. They simply do not seem capable of crossing the paradigmatic Rubicon.

Paradigm perception is the sine qua non human and scholarly capability.

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