The Definitions of A Paradigm and Wisdom Are The Same

The definition of Wisdom and its very process is the thorough integration of only the truths in apparently opposite concepts and/or perspectives.

A paradigm is a peculiar thing in that it is simultaneously a single new concept/thought that policy wise also seamlessly integrates into the area/areas of human endeavor that the paradigm takes place within/changes. In other words it is a new and significantly deep integration of the opposites of thought and policy. Thus it mirrors/fits the definition and process of Wisdom itself.

A study of paradigm changes and of Wisdom/Wisdom traditions not only results in wisdom, but also a much fuller understanding of both the signatures of paradigm changes and the ability to better perceive paradigms both old/current and new. And finally, this is good because paradigm changes are great and permanent progressions, because current paradigms being habitual are hard to think outside of and because knowing the signatures of paradigm changes can help us garner the knowledge to more quickly perceive new paradigms and develope the tremendously valuable integrative mental habit of Wisdom as well.

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