Nix To Both Entrenched Conservative and Blythe Liberal Monetary and Economic Orthodoxies

Yes, the conservative kant against deficit spending is stupid and regressive, but the blythe liberal orthodoxy that you won’t get inflation if you run large government deficits is equally kant.

Why is this? It’s because monetary inflation is a misnomer. Cost inflation is ever present number one, and “monetary” inflation is almost entirely assured because money is not the operant factor, but rather the complete commercial-human freedom to inflate within a chaotic system where there is no barrier on either the lower bound of cost or the upper bound of price.

If MMTers and other economists do not recognize this, even if MMT and other positive changes take place inflation will become a problem and regressive critics will be able to revert those reforms the same as Keynesianism was morphed into the neo-classical “synthesis”.

The only way to insure not only no inflation, but actually have the further benefits of  price deflation is to implement the policies of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting intelligently and integratively into the economy. That would be a paradigm change and historically there has never been a reversion of a new paradigm.

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