Communication To Andrew Yang 06/03/2018

First a UBI/universal dividend is an absolutely enlightened idea. Secondly, don’t be fooled businesses will inflate their prices encouraged no doubt by finance whose monopolistic monetatary paradigm of Debt Only is partially challenged by a UBI. The way to synergize the effects and benefits of a UBI is to additionally implement a 20% “pass on” discount/rebate policy at the point of sale from one business model to its next customer throughout the entire economic/productive process and then a 37.5-50% discount/rebate at the point of final retail sale. This would more than double both the purchasing power of a UBI and every working person’s earned income….and as a “kicker” completely eliminate the possibility of inflation and in fact would painlessly and beneficially implement what has been considered impossible, namely integrate price deflation into profit making systems. And all you’d need to do is mandate that the FED gift/distribute the credit/money to fulfill the dividend and discount/rebate policies. This is a new paradigm. Communicating it is a much bigger game than running for president, but having someone open to it and intelligently communicating it as a presidential candidate would be a very big start toward the necessary mass movement of students, beleaguered workers and the small to medium sized business community in order to herd both parties toward its implementation.

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