SB:  The idea that automation will result in the “end of work” is as bogus now as it was in the Luddite’s day. There are always and everywhere things to be done, and people who want to do them, but…they must be paid.
Right now, we have a Western society that rewards monopoly and rent-seeking. We must end both, which only governments can do, not workers, except through the ballot box en masse. The, let the wage earner keep everything he/she earns. Inequality then, will only be based on merit, which will be far less than rent-seeking creates today. Productivity and true entrepreneurship will soar.

Me:  You’re completely right that employment will probably always be necessary. The question is will it be sufficient to keep the economy flowing….which we already have the unfortunate answer to. You’re also correct that rentiering is an unequivocal vice, but the still deeper problem is the hypnotically unperceived current and new monetary and economic paradigms the former of which cause even erudite scholars to be trapped in palliative reforms and muddled orthodoxies…when real solutions are actually available with the latter.

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