The Real “Deep State” Is…

….simply the entirety of the present monetary, economic, political and social psychological system we all live in, and that is dominatingly smothered and “controlled” by the paradigm of Debt Only. It is almost utterly ethically and/or mentally corrupting and people simply consider it “normal”.  Some criticise it, but they do so without fully comprehending the anchoring paradigm that keeps all of its shittiness in suspension. Hence nothing ever really changes.

If after he took office Obama would have broken up that monopolistic paradigm by ordering a modern debt jubilee of $100,000 be distributed into everyone’s bank account  with the one proviso that they pay down their debts with it, and then implemented the dividend and discount/rebate policies I advocate we would have had incredibly prosperous times for the last 10 years instead of the longest recession since the Great Depression. Then all that would remain in order to keep that prosperity going for a very long time would be to do the structural change I suggest of doing away with private finance’s money creating powers and replace it with a publicly administered national bank, and along with that a new arms length fourth branch of government and monetary authority guided by the concept behind the new paradigm, namely grace, to distribute the dividend and discount/rebate policies.

It’s not too late to make these changes. All it takes is an awakening to them and a mass movement to herd pols toward their implementation.

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