It Is A Supreme Irony That…

…it has taken the proud former owner-operator of a butique residencial window cleaning service with an open mind and the right combination of intellectual curiosities to implement and solve the economic eruditions of some of the most cutting edge economists with three temporal universe policies and one structural change. And this was accomplished simply by looking where they weren’t, that is, at the moment to moment operations of commerce. Looking at and deciphering the nature of the systems at work there, discovering when and where in those systems the ideal places were to implement policies and then finally, with an integrative study of the world’s major wisdom traditions, discovered the many aspects of the concept upon which not only the new paradigm in economics and money systems will be based, but historically has also progressed every human system and increased knowledge of the temporal universe itself. All increased knowledge is fully conscious knowledge.

Consciousness is essentially love, Wisdom is the study of consciousness/love, the continual integration, experience and expression of love is Grace and Grace is the most basic underlying nature of the cosmos.

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