Posted To RWER Blog 04/01/2018

Historically the dominant power in any current paradigm is the clue to both where the paradigmatic problem lies and to what the oppositional concept of the new one is.

Catholic church-monopolistic control and indirect absolution only via the sacraments
Protestant Reformation-breaks up the monopoly and integrates the concept of a direct relationship with God

Ptolemaic cosmology was terra centric and egocentrically co-opted by the church
Helio-centrism’s change of planetary position and primacy humbled the church and was one of the primary building blocks of science as the dominant paradigm of inquiry

Finance dominates the individual, every other business model and the entire economic system with its parasitic and monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt/burden Only
Monetary Gifting/freedom-freeness and its aligned policies insight-fully and intelligently implemented at the point of retail sale breaks up the monopoly, rejuvenates profit making systems and likely reverses the disintegration of western civilization we currently see looming up right before our eyes

There are many other examples. Paradigmatic thinking isn’t that hard to do if you know a little history, the signatures of paradigm change…and have the guts to speak the truth.

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