Students! Businessmen! …and all individuals of the nation Unite! All you have to lose are the chains Finance has forged for you!

Paradigm changes always transform the area of endeavor they occur in, in significant ways, and there are always significant new discoveries that enable that transformation. I’m going to show you the paradigm changing insights that will do that for the money system and the economy right now. Insights that have been sitting there for over a century just waiting to be discovered if economists would simply look in the right place and at the right time.

#1 The point of retail sale is the terminal summing point of all costs including profit for every product or service, and also the terminal ending point for the entire economic/productive process.

#2 The money system, the pricing system and the accounting system are all digital in nature. In other words equal amounts of money, prices and debits and credits will equal 0

Okay, so what does this mean for you? It means that a policy of a 50% discount at the point of retail sale will immediately double your potential purchasing power, and if that discount is rebated back to the merchant who gave it to you by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do so they are made whole on their overheads and margins of profit. In other words no one suffers and everyone including the business that gave the discount benefits….the consumer by doubling his purchasing power and the business whose every customer now has twice as much ability to purchase his products at his best competitive price.

This policy also means not only that there will no longer be price inflation, but in fact what was considered impossible has now become the reality, that is price deflation has been painlessly and beneficially integrated into profit making systems. See what I mean by transformation?

Let me give you a scenario along with a twin policy that will show you how dramatically beneficial these policies will be for you.

Along with the discount/rebate policy at retail sale another policy of a $1000/mo universal dividend granted to everyone 18 years of age and older will result in this for every student.

$1000/mo. immediately become $2000/mo in potential purchasing power. If you go to a college that charges $12,000/yr for tuition that immediately becomes $6000/yr with the discount policy so you could pay the college $500/mo and end up with no college debt as a result.

Without these policies you and your parents would need to borrow $12,000/yr for tuition plus probably another $5-6000/yr additional support so these policies will save you $76,000 in debt that you’ll have to pay back once you graduate.

So when was the last time any economist or politician ever doubled your purchasing power and saved you from debt enslavement all in one fell swoop? Quick answer: Never.

And it gets even better because you still have $500/mo left that will enable you to consume $1000 of goods and services. Say you and your squeeze decide to rent a $1000/mo apartment for $500/mo with the discount policy or $250 from each of you which leaves you each $250 or $500 which will purchase $1000 worth of goods and services. So assuming she is paying her tuition with her dividend that means combined both of you still have $500 or $1000/mo worth of potential purchasing power to eat, pay the utilities, have a sip of wine, buy a used washing machine so she can do your stinky socks and you can buy her a bouquet of flowers every week and everybody’s happy…..and debt free.  By the way pass this information along to your parents who will be happy that they no longer have to shell out $400-500/mo to support you. These policies that implement a new paradigm are all upside.

Okay. There are many other benefits that result from these policies, and only a handful of other policies, regulations and structural changes that further help to solidify the implementation of the paradigm change, and I’ll be relating them in the other videos I’ll be posting here. So please watch them, pass them along to all of your friends and consider contributing to my Patreon page so that together we can make these paradigm changing policies the reality.

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