Virtually All Economists….

…even the leading edge ones are paradigm dunces. They’re all very smart, but they lack scholarly and historical knowledge of paradigms and insight into the signatures of new ones. They also lack the peculiar combination of mentally integrative skills for paradigm perception, that is, the ability to think reductionistically and holistically at the same time.

A paradigm is a single concept that describes an entire new pattern, hence it requires one to find the single correct mental concept  and expression of the new paradigm (reduction) and simultaneously see how and why its policies fit within and resolve the chronic problems and dualistic conflicts of the old paradigm to the point of thirdness and greater oneness of understanding (wholistic pattern thinking) . Thirdness greater oneness by the way has always been not only the signature of true paradigm change, but also the signature of wisdom, and not coincidentally the very process of wisdom and its attainment is the thorough integration of the truths in opposing perspectives that results in thirdness greater oneness.

The mental skills of paradigm perception and wisdom are essentially the same (wisdom includes the mental skills of science and the scientific method), and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the non-dogmatic insights of the world’s major wisdom traditions is hence a great boon to paradigm perception. For instance the concept of trinity, i.e. the thorough integration of a duality within and/or resulting in an integrative thirdness greater oneness is seen not only throughout the world’s wisdom traditions, but throughout nature, mathematics, the scientific method, logic and the concept of process/the cycle of action of the temporal universe.

[(truth x opposing truth) <–> thirdness discernment of greater oneness of truth] Wisdom

[ (symmetrical sides of a leaf) <–> the stem from which they both arose ]

[ (1 + 2) = 3 ], [ (2 + 3) = 5 ], [ (3 + 5) = 8 ]  Fibonacci Sequence

[ hypothesis <–>  (dualistic/reductionistic process of truth determination) ] The scientific method

[ (thesis x antithesis <–> synthesis ]  Hegelian dialectic

[ (start x change) <–> stop) concept of process/the cycle of action of the temporal universe enforced upon all systems and processes therein


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