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Me:  You’re actually quite correct. As David Graeber has reminded us we have been plagued by the cultural story and monetary paradigm of Debt Only for at least the last 5000 years. It has been the primary and underlying factor upon which virtually every great civilization has collapsed. Palliating the paradigm with reforms, new theories and even philosophical tweaking can extend the life of a civilization, but a paradigm/pattern being the deepest, most subtle and hypnotic level of culture and new paradigm perception the most enlightening if for no other reason than the fact that it is a new consciousness that is a component part of a paradigm, its perception makes reforms, new theories and philosophical tweakings mere epicycles.

The “trick” to paradigm perception is understanding that the signature of all new paradigms is that they are conceptually oppositional in a significant way that resolves chronic old paradigm problems. Iconclasm alone for all of its virtues is unfortunately not much help as paradigm perception requires both reductionistic thinking to decipher the single concept that describes the new paradigm (like agriculture or helio-centrism) and also simultaneously holistic thinking in seeing how the single concept fits seamlessly within a whole new pattern.

SK:  I deleted your last comment. I will tolerate you on this site so long as you don’t get into your previous habit of burying my sites in comments on your own comments. Don’t do it again

Me:  I accidentally hit return. Couldn’t you see that it was a single comment and the thought was left hanging in mid air? Hence the second entry. Look, I’ve always praised your work, but if you’re really interested in progress that won’t be warped back into a lesser ideology like Keynesianism was by the neo-classical “synthesis” then you’ll seriously consider my hypothesis that paradigm perception is a mental mode inclusive of and greater than science and mathematics alone, because the history of paradigm changes is that everything in the area of human endeavor that the new paradigm applies to…adapts to IT, not the other way around. Hence, any reform, any theory is actually merely a palliative of the old paradigm and are also only partially conscious of the single concept that enlightens and is the new paradigm. The fact that all of the policy ideas and critiques of leading edge theorists like yourself, Michael Hudson and MMTers align with anti-austerity, financial instability and demand constrained modern economies and also align with the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting….and yet they are not fully conscious of that concept and how it can be integrated policy wise into modern economies. Social Crediters have carried forward that knowledge ever since Douglas died in the fifties and yet because they were afflicted with General Equilibrium theory never saw its full paradigmatic power either. I have innovated their policies and recognized other structural necessities they clung to but that must also be changed so that the impediments to the implementation of the new paradigm are finally put aside. I told you 4-5 years ago that Douglas was the first monetary and financial instability theorist pre-dating Minsky by almost 30 years. Now innovated and aligned by me with dynamic policies of a higher abundant monetary disequilibrium they express the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting.

SK:  Steve, regardless of whether your Monetary Gifting ideas are sensible or nonsense, you have the worst case of verbal diarrhoea I have ever encountered, which makes you a lousy communicator of your own ideas. And you overwhelm discussion by others and drive them away. I am not going to tolerate that again. I can, if I wish, block you with one click on Patreon, whether or not you are supporting me (which, as we both know, you currently are not). My last comment was a warning to restrain your input, or I will block you.

Me:  Yes, well thanks for the unsolicited insults and invalidations. I suggest you study the signatures of paradigm changes (conceptual opposition to the current paradigm, inversion and transformation of effect of a problematic duality or ratio and a new tool or insight that enables the new paradigm’s temporal universe implementation). You’ll see that Monetary Gifting and its policies fulfill all of these and not coincidentally align with and extend your own and other’s heterodox thinking as well.

It will aid you to truly see the big picture that is a genuine paradigm change and help you graduate to solutions and real progress as opposed to palliatives, ad hoc reforms and new theories that are actually epicycles still residing within the old paradigm.

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