The Overwhelming Number of Businesses….

…aren’t actually in business at all, but rather the “business” of going bankrupt over a 1-10 year period. . It’s a ruse, a ponzi scheme because systemically total costs and so prices (because the cost accounting convention that all costs must go into price is always and correctly in force)….always exceed total individual incomes simultaneously produced. And systemically that enforces continuous borrowing which incurs additional costs of course….and so does not resolve the problematic costs/prices to individual incomes ratio.

Macro-economists look only at the debt deflation aspect of the problem which is indeed correct enough, but they miss the micro-foundational cost accounting factors of ever increasing depreciation costs of fixed capital assets which keeps increasing the lower bound of costs for enterprise, and the fact that systemically individual incomes can never equal total costs and prices because time and the pooling and re-investment of money prevents total free to purchase individual incomes from ever equaling total costs and prices.

And all of the leading macro-economists agree that capitalism is demand constrained and in one way or another tend to advocate increasing individual incomes. But again, because they are not looking at the everyday operation of commerce and do not perceive the terminal summing and ending point of the economic process at retail sale and also do not conceive or perceive that both the pricing and money systems are digital in nature. Consequently, they do not see how a discount to prices at retail sale that is rebated back to the enterprise granting/gifting such to the consumer could be utilized to dramatically increase individual purchasing power and at the same time not only prevent any purchasing power corrosion, but to painlessly and beneficially integrate price deflation into profit making systems.

And this is why Wisdomics-Giftonomics and its policies is far superior and far more beneficial to the individual, to enterprise and to the entire system….than any other economic theorist or monetary reformer.

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