Paradigm Perception Is The Mind Of God…

…because it is a knowingness which is way above knowing data, perceiving a theory or even a philosophy, and knowing something in its highest and fullest sense is a part of omniscience which of course is attributed to God, or to a man or woman in a particular instance or area of human endeavor due to the discernment of Wisdom which is the perception and integration of the truths, workabilities and highest ethical considerations in what are considered opposing sides or perspectives. It is also discerning a singular concept that describes and effectively integrates into a pattern in such a way that it resolves long standing problems in that pattern to the point of creating a third and distinctly new pattern. In other words it is the integration of hierarchical and de-centralized mental perception…at the same time, i.e. atonement/oneness with God.

The new paradigm in economics and the money system is Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, and the new economic and monetary ethic-zeitgeist is grace.

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