Posted To WEA Pedogogy Blog and Asad Zaman 01/25/2018


A brave and insightful declaration about the necessity of discovering a new paradigm, recognizing that mere science has become an obvious impediment to progress and linking religion (I would say Wisdom or spirituality) to finding the necessary paradigmatic breakthrough. I applaud you.

I reject the idea that a new paradigm is not possible in the social sciences as it just ends up being another orthodoxy that blunts thorough examination, but if you simply took finance/money which is merely accounting/calculus/mathematics which is a pure science and recognized that its current paradigm is the glaringly monopolistic concept of Debt ONLY…then you have the possibility of paradigm applicability anyway. Then all you have to do is recognize the signatures of paradigm perception/paradigm change, utilize the scientific method to decipher the new paradigm/concept which would thoroughly apply to the economy and then align it with policy.

Deciphering paradigm perception/paradigm changes is simultaneously a top down and decentralized process as a paradigm is a single concept that applies to an entire pattern.


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