It’s Gifting…Unconsciously Advocated By All Leading Edge Reformers…Except Me Who Is Fully Conscious Of The Paradigm

Every Past Civilization That Didn’t Crumble When It Had A Debt Crisis: Utilized a debt jubilee, i.e. a gift of money in order to momentarily avoid collapse

Keen: “a modern debt jubilee”, a one off policy of Monetary Gifting

MMT:  Sovereign governments can create money, not debt, and distribute/gift  it into the economy.

UBI:  A gift of money albeit generally via re-distributive taxation which makes it something other than an actual gift.

Social Crediters: They’ve held forth for Monetary Gifting for almost 100 years, but never advocated policy that would fully express and guarantee its implementation, mostly because they were hampered by the orthodoxy of DSGE. In fact they never made the paradigmatic connection which is proof that you can look at the truth and still never fully comprehend its power because you don’t keep integrating its aspects until you fully comprehend the concept behind even the paradigm…which is the natural philosophical concept of grace.

Me: I did the thinking, integrating and contemplating of as many of the aspects of grace as I needed until I recognized its complete philosophically aligned relevance as the single utterly applicable economic concept of Monetary Gifting and so the new paradigm. And then I innovated the Social Credit policies so that they became the very expression of that paradigm in a way that Social Crediters never did.   I Innovated them in a way that would make it virtually impossible for enterprise to reject or game such policies, where every agent benefited, the system attained true free flowingness, the best aspects of the agendas of both American Major political parties were accomplished and there were many more additional “knock on” socio-economic, political and psychological problems resolved as well.

Sorry cutting edge reformers but those are the facts.

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