Why A Paradigm Is So Powerful

Because its a single concept that defines an entire pattern/paradigm which means it applies to every significant factor of the area of life it is applied to. Consequently all you have to do after you’ve deciphered the genuine paradigm…is to philosophically align and apply policies and/or regulations with the single concept/paradigm…which is really just a straightforward rational mental process.

On the other hand actually deciphering a genuine new paradigm is a lot trickier not the least reason for which is because it is generally an illogic and/or seemingly impractical inversion when set beside the current paradigm. This is what trips up the habitually logical, practical and even the inconoclastic, the latter because iconoclasm is a reductionist/mentally destructive process and paradigm perception is a holistic, integrative and mentally creative process.

Once you’ve discovered it though the conscious perception of the genuine paradigm is so clarifying and focusing that its virtually 99% of the battle won so far as problem resolution is concerned.

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