The Truth of The Matter

Knowledgeable cutting edge theorists and reformers like Steve Keen, MMTers, Michael Hudson and others need to realize that my cognition/perception of the policy of a high percentage retail discount-rebate as the very expression of the new monetary and economic paradigm is the unification opportunity for them to link their aligned theorizing with that new paradigm and join with me in starting a mass socio-economic, political and ethical movement that will bring individual and systemic economic freedom and freeflowingness, rejuvenation of profit making systems and coupled with a cooperative effort between the government, the helping professions and the clergy likely civilizational rejuvenation as well. Please just drop the egos and get on the bandwagon.

The truth is also that the discount-rebate policy is not new, in fact it is almost 100 years old. What’s new is my innovation of it to make it a genuine paradigm changing policy with a high enough percentage discount to prevent its being gamed by corporate enterprise with global reach and also makes it virtually impossible for them and every other enterprise not to participate in it.  In fact it enables many other “knock on” benefits and policy resolutions and so accomplishes the best aspects of the agendas of both the left and the right. Social Crediters looked at it for 100 years but because they had the stench of General Equilibrium Theory still attached to that looking, failed to recognize a high percentage discount was that true paradigm changing innovation.

Politicians, economists, enterprise and the individual…’re welcome.


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