Thrift/Integral Inclusion Within The Economic Process That Ends At Retail Sale

This is the new economic-thrift paradigm, and Finance currently violates it both paradigmatically and economically/thriftwise.  The money system is currently endogenous and yet completely uneconomical from a thrift point of view so far as the business model of Finance is concerned. The difference between the financial costs of a 5% mark up profit/fee for service and a 30 year loan of 5% is vast.  On a $200k 30 year home loan it is the difference between $10,000 and $386,511.57 and the difference in monthly payment between a 5% loan rate and a 0% one is $1074 and $556….so from an economic/thrift point of view….it’s totally stupid.

Hence the solution is inclusion of Finance within the process that ends at retail sale as a simple mark up/fee for financial services business model, and then making the actual money creating function of finance an exogenous public utility that is self funded.


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