New Paradigm Perception and Implementation

Define a new paradigm: A new pattern that applies throughout the entire area of endeavor/body of knowledge it is applied to.

Become conscious of what the current/old paradigm is.

Become aware that all new paradigms have been conceptual inversions,  are oppositional in nature to the old paradigm, are resolutions of the deepest and most chronic problems in the old paradigm and so accomplish much more of what contending forces/perspectives themselves were able to….and finally is an actual thirdness/greater oneness…not simply a reform of either of the opposing perspectives, i.e. something actually new.

Understand that everything adapts to the new paradigm, not the other way around. The reason this is true is because a new paradigm is an absolutely obvious new truth, temporal progression and survival factor for humanity. These are also why any new and  all policy and regulation must conceptually align with the new paradigm.

Conceptual alignment is the key to creating and implementing new policies and altering old. This is simply logic.


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