The Two New Paradigm Policies That End Poverty Forever

A 50% Discount/Rebate at the point of retail sale which immediately doubles everyone’s purchasing power and,

a $1000/mo. universal dividend for everyone 18 years of age and older.

That way a two adult household would have a guaranteed potential of $2000/mo. x 2 = $4000/mo. or $48,000 per year even if neither one had a job.

If both persons had part time jobs that paid them $20,000/yr that’s another $80,000 or $128,000/year total potential purchasing power.

Also, because a sufficient dividend means they will not be paying taxes for welfare and  unemployment insurance because these will be immediately redundant and ended as there is no need for fear of unemployment if you’re making $48,000 due to the above two policies. Consequently their actual take home pay will be considerably more than now. And actually, as the money system is potentially directly distributive and with the dividend policy and other inflation ending policies and regulations in place taxes for social security will also be redundant and the need for income taxes would largely disappear as well. So what you earned could virtually become what you took home as pay.


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