Integrated Beneficial Action: Individual-Temporal, Governmental and Personal

This is what modern economics and the money system requires, and has rarely if ever been the reality. Provide universal relative abundance by both personal education and participation and by fiat policy, and awaken and encourage personal constructive purposes in as many areas of life as the individual desires.

Create a culture that is both benevolent and tolerant and yet has great moral and ethical fiber that also has an ethic of integrative thinking rather than obsessively contentious or schismatic egoistic opinion. I ntegrative that is of temporal thinking and personal knowing.

It’s time for man to come of age in all ways. To encourage and enable that maturation process in every way, especially and most urgently, in the realm of the economy and money system.

Come join with me in accomplishing these goals.

Steve Hummel 01/07/2018

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