The Nature of A New Paradigm

One of the component parts of a new paradigm is that it is a new cognition. In other words part of a new paradigm is a new personal consciousness insight, a new and enlightening, even rejuvenating personal experience….about the temporal universe and how it works and is progressed. So it is an inward and outward progressive realization…at the same time, but most fundamentally it is a change in personal consciousness, a raising, deepening and broadening of personal consciousness. So if it doesn’t amaze you…you haven’t fully recognized a new paradigm. Also, part of a new paradigm is that it is always a fundamental and in certain ways a completely oppositional inversion…of the old pattern/paradigm…and this adds to the amazingness, the wowness, the OMGness of its realization…and unfortunately the difficultness of its perception.

Now below the personal aspect of a new paradigm it is an intellectual breakthrough. A paradigm change is a new intellectual integration of an entire pattern, and that pattern fits seamlessly within and yet changes virtually every factor of the old paradigm…because it resolves and progresses the key problem, the deepest and broadest problem. That is it’s intellectually  “yuge”.  However, it’s not “yuge”….unless you see how the single concept of the new paradigm changes everything in the old pattern. So it’s an intellectual consciousness experience as well.

And if one says there’s no difference between a personal consciousness insight and an intellectual insight….it’s a dead give away that they’ve never had a deep experience of their own self awareness, their own consciousness. Sorry. “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Contemplate it.


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