Posted To RWER Blog 01/07/2018

DT:  Craig should follow the youtube link above and listen to what Steve Keen has to say on paradigms.

Me:  DT,

I listened to it when it was first posted on Keen’s patreon site. Keen and others are brilliant iconoclasts, but you can’t iconoclast your way to perceiving a new paradigm. In fact you can stand looking directly at it (it being a single concept that creates a whole new pattern) and even suggest policies that reflect it…and still not consciously or completely perceive it, that is perceive the single concept that IS the new paradigm and which all policy and regulation needs to align with.

You have to have certain integrative mindset skills to perceive an entire new pattern/paradigm. Keen is a brilliant theorist and instructor, but paradigm perceivers and creators have generally had conflicts with even the best theorists and their instructors both because their vision is broader and deeper and because they as students have surpassed the instructor.


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