Everybody Examines The Economic and Monetary Problem…

….I’ve discovered and visualized the solution.

If you made everyone relatively independently wealthy with a sufficient universal dividend and not only prevented inflation but integrated price deflation into the economy with a 50% discount at the point of retail sale you’d so stabilize the consumer economy that no one used to the frantic, austere, torn three ways from the middle mess we’ve endured for ages would recognize. And if you ended private Finance’s ability to create credit/money by making it just another retail enterprise and gave that responsibility to a central monetary authority with the above specifically mandated policies and used government to tax economic vices and mortal sins like rentiering, leveraged speculation on stocks and real estate and reward economic virtues, then the entire economy would reach orbital free fall/free flow.

So let us end the monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only, end the tyrannically conflicted muddle of numbers that keeps the abundant productivity we are capable of from flowing to everyone and cut the Gordian Knot that prevents the integration of micro and macro economics…..with Wisdomics-Giftonomics.

Steve Hummel 01/06/2018


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