My Struggle With Steve Keen

The past several years I have posted to Steve Keen’s Debt Watch website, briefly his twitter feed, his youtube channel videos and his Patreon page.  Rarely has he responded to me even though I agree with virtually everything he has said on a theoretical level and suggested at least several times that his work is deserving of a Nobel Prize. For this he has banned me on each of these sites except Patreon and has threatened to do so there as well calling me impulsive and castigating me for multiple posts….which again, he has only replied to maybe 3 times so I have no alternative but to post multiple times. That plus sometimes making a point and succeeding points requires multiple posts. (Shrugs)

The real problem Keen has with me is that he is talking about a new theory while I have learned from his theoretics and leapfrogged both it and philosophy to the level of paradigm perception and its applications.  Keen has often said that economics needs a new philosophy, a reformation and a Copernican paradigm change, but apparently doesn’t care to hear about such from someone coming from those perspectives, not even someone who agrees with his theoretics and is trying to show him how they can be extended and expanded by philosophy and focused and vastly progressed by a paradigm change.

I have learned a lot about economics from Dr. Keen. His de-bunking of neo-liberal economics and DSGE is brilliant. However, he apparently doesn’t have the mindset skills for paradigm perception the possessors of which historically have run afoul of even leading edge theoreticians and pedants. A new paradigm is a new unifying concept and pattern that saturates the old paradigm-pattern and replaces its primacy while resolving the deepest and most longstanding problems festering there. That’s where I come from, and that’s why Keen’s problem with me is the problematic historical phenomenon of the student surpassing the professor.

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