The Things The New Paradigm and Its Policies Do

The linking of the monetary policy of a rebated discount directly to the point of retail sale ends the tyrannical obsession with numbers, balancing budgets, austerity and the fear of consumer price inflation that has characterized fiscal and monetary policy since macro-economics inception after the Great Depression. Technically you could make the 50% discount 99% and it would virtually eliminate the need for anyone to borrow for a consumer product or service especially for big ticket items. It shows the power of crafting monetary policy that is perfectly aligned with the new paradigm to the most important and strategic point in the economy.

The new paradigm policy of a sufficient universal monthly dividend could also end the need for all transfer taxes, most if not all income taxes and both of their respective bureaucracies because who needs re-distributive taxation when you’re getting for or five times what you’d get as welfare every month with a universal dividend even if you didn’t do a lick, and a whole lot more if you also were employed? And again, with the discount/rebate policy there is no chance of having price inflation.

Here’s one of the most important things the new paradigm would bring: Freedom from bullshit employment and the opportunity, time and resources to find your own self chosen purposes in addition to employment or without it.  Of course you’d also have to find someone or something else besides the government and the power behind government, namely finance and its monopolistic paradigm or Debt Only, to blame for the problems of abundance. Yes, horrors, personal responsibility will still be your deepest individual problem, but life is long and with a cooperative effort by the helping professions, the clergy and the government with public service campaigns to help alert everyone to and choose the multitude of purposes other than or in addition to employment one’s mental health will undoubtedly be much greater than now where hope, faith as in confidence, love and graciousness as in love in action are indeed scarce personal commodities due to the stress, time and futility taken up by trying to find economic security in a system increasingly unstable and unable to provide such.

New paradigms. They’re always tremendously obvious progress in the areas they take place in. All you have to do is look at them…until you see them.

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