My Patreon Intro Page Post

Thank you for considering being a patron for bringing the new monetary and economic paradigm of Gifting into being in this nation and hopefully the world.

Come create with me a new freeing paradigm in money and economics, an area of human endeavor that stress-fully takes up so much of our time and energy. A new paradigm whose implementation will better enable us to pivot from the failed and restrictive notion of humanity being homo economicus, merely economic man, toward fulfilling our true species designation of homo sapiens, that is, wise and discerning man.

The wonderful thing about a new paradigm is not only that it resolves the deepest and most long standing problems in its area, it also benefits everyone individually in that area. Hence a new monetary and economic paradigm is going to directly increase the money you and everyone else in the country have every month. It’s also going to make increased profits for nearly all businesses a much greater likelihood. That’s the very nature of a new paradigm, it unifies seeming opposites like self interest and the general good and increased profits and yet price deflation.  It also can turn around  an entire system or civilization from disintegration to higher and more beneficial integration, and take a listless and distracted populace and give it focused purpose and joyous meaning. And that is precisely what I want for everyone of my patrons and everyone else as well.

I have looked at all of the new economic theories and leading reform movements that have grown up since the great financial crisis in 2008. I discovered that they all were expressing an aspect or aspects of a prior theory that was a large movement before WW II. I studied and thought about this theory with the few remaining advocates of it, and applied certain insights I had gathered in Life from science, from my study of the world’s major wisdom traditions and from the study of paradigm changes themselves. From this process and from contemplating the philosophical concept behind the new paradigm itself I realized that certain innovations and extensions of the policies of the earlier theory would enable the new paradigm to be almost instantaneously saturated into the economy for the benefit of every individual and all enterprises participating in that policy.

Paradigm changes are tricky to perceive and to make more real to oneself because virtually everyone is habituated to the old paradigm and because the concept behind the paradigm is only understood in a fragmented way. Hence reformers may advocate a part of the solution that reflects the paradigm but miss its wider benefits and the deeper ways it can be applied to the area in which the new paradigm takes place.

So again I say, come create with me a new monetary and economic paradigm and the policies that align with it. Help me get it understood and implemented so we can break the dis-integrative spell that so many civilizations past have suffered through and then collapsed. Let us finally realize that economically even though weeping may endure for a night, joy cometh in the morning.

2 thoughts on “My Patreon Intro Page Post

    • Hi Rob. Thanks for the posts on Real World Economic Review Blog and here. Becoming a patron, even for $1 would be appreciated, but forwarding the blog and Patreon page would be even more appreciated. Paradigms are powerful, elegant and transformational. Seeing them and getting them implemented is a high calling and a benefit to all. Thanks again.

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