Let Us Have A Grand Re-Integration

Right wing radio has been practicing mental, emotional, social, political, economic and monetary disintegration for the last 30-40 years. And so they have no one to blame but themselves for aberrations like the “freedom” caucus and the Bannon institutional bashers that are ripping their party apart right before their very eyes. Now both rightly and wrongly the liberal media has become caught up in the same disintegrative process. Rightly because Donald Trump is the creature of the last 30-40 years of disintegration, wrongly because our nation is now in an advanced state of disintegration…and the solution to disintegration is not the continuation of it, but a grand re-integration of our money system, economy, politics, society, emotions and thinking under a new paradigm and philosophy of tolerance, understanding and the rational consideration of morals known as ethics.

Let us have just such a grand re-integration, and let us have it most urgently in the economy and money system with a 50% discount to retail prices that is rebated back to the enterprises who give it to consumers. Prosperity generally makes the most marginal and radical elements of the disintegrative culture like the xenophobes, the racists and the homophobes crawl back into the nether regions of their irrational minds, and also make the more radical and potentially violent aspects of righteous movements like those opposing institutional racism reflect enough not to endanger innocents and their own cause.

Integration is the very process of wisdom, and discernment of the truths in opposing perspectives and ideologies and their conscious integration is wisdom itself.

Let us have a grand re-integration.

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