Posted To The Social Credit Google Group 01/01/2018

A mere statistical equilibrium will not effectively resolve the gap because as I posted before the economy is not a static/statistical process, but a dynamically interacting one and consequently it will be easily gamed by commercial agents who already give bogus discounts where they jack the price up and then discount it. Consequently you have to make the discount percentage high enough to insure their “buy in” to the policy….because not doing so would make them both uncompetitive and unprofitable. I believe I heard it mentioned on this list several years ago that Douglas and early social crediters had debates as to the actual size of the gap and that some conjectured it was as high as 90%. I think it is at least as big as the difference between gross and net profits and the former can be 40-50% while the latter is generally 1-3%.

What is important about whoever administers the discount and dividend policies…is the philosophy that aligns and guides them. The NCO administering the monetary and price GIFTS of the dividend and discount policies are so aligned as the philosophical concept behind even the new monetary and economic paradigm of gifting is Grace as in sharing, giving, abundance, prosperity, wisdom, sovereignty and benevolent hierarchy amongst many other of its incredible aspects. The aspects of sovereignty and benevolent hierarchy is why I think a centralized system is more aligned with what is necessary…first. Then if an algorithm that equally aligns with grace as in openness, ethics, and benevolence/love in action becomes possible, again, so be it.
If this sounds a bit too lofty to some I would simply mention that the concept of grace also includes its aspect of utter integration/oneness as in an integrated oneness of philosophy/thought and policy/action and so further temporal universe regulations like the one’s I’ve floated on Ellen’s Public Banking google group are required because people and agents still have the free will to be greedy, anti-social and stupid….even if gracious policies like a dividend and discount increase everyone’s monetary freedom and every enterprise’s likelihood of profitability.

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