The Dying of Thirst Unethical Price Inflation Analogy Applied To Commercial Agents Who Arbitrarily and Without True Economic Cause Raise Their Prices In The New Paradigm

The people have thirsted for monetary and economic freedom for 5000 years and through civilizational disintegration after disintegration. If enterprise or Finance cannot accept the increased profits and tax savings that the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics has given both them and the individual and feel they must try to destabilize it, then they are guilty of the worst kind of ingratitude and anti-social behavior. And we must not allow them to force a return to the old paradigm via arbitrary price raises or any other method most especially including war.

Note: If any attempts by Finance or any coalition of corporations is detected bribing or coercing any nation to try to undo Wisdomics-Gracenomics benefits or foster tensions or war all of their assets and financial capabilities should be frozen and doled out to them only to pay their vendors and employ their staff, and if any attempt to entice any politician or any enterprise to cooperate in such anti-social actions it must be exposed, condemned and worse sanctions must be placed upon them.

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