Posted To Steve Keen’s Patreon Page 12/24/2017

Graciously and rationally re-integrating economics and natural philosophy/spirituality is the route to finding ecological sanity within an economics of abundance.

We’re not going to reach an earthly Valhalla, Heaven or Nirvana via abstraction and mathematics alone, and any scientific protestations to the contrary are merely confirmations of that fact. In my first book I referred to this need and this necessity as the theory of MESST, Monetary Economic Spiritual Synthesis Theory, and attempting to penetrate the above scientifically religious fact and  its egotistically orthodox mental barriers somewhat nuanced the title of my second book to Wisdomics-Giftonomics.

Am I just trying to establish a new religion? Of course not. I’m four square for abstraction, mathematics and science, for good dynamically open minded science and most of all for the signature of scientific breakthrough which historically has been an integration of the scientific method and an aspect or aspects of human consciousness like imagination, intuition, visualization, integration and curiosity. I’m attempting to bring to economics an awareness of the necessity of having an integrative mindset. Discerning the truths in opposites and then integrating them is the very process of Wisdom, and the pinnacle mindset of continual integration is the dynamically balanced mental process that can combine temporal universe facts and awareness of the beatific chains of ethics so as to enliven both to each other within the individual so that they can agree to the rationally wise path ahead.

Throwing off austerity and yet resolving the paradox of economic abundance and ecological sustainability can only be thoroughly accomplished via the same process of integration/integrative mindset  bringing humanity to a more ethically enlivened philosophy that enables the willingness to achieve such rational balance.

Finally, as overcoming the current monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only requires the ability to fully see and integrate a seemingly opposite new paradigm of direct and reciprocal monetary gifting, likewise bringing an integrative ethic to macro-economic theory can avoid the dogma of macro Only by looking at the day to day commercial/micro-economic operations and deciphering the aggregative insights to be found there.



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