Asset Purchases Such As Homes and Commercial Real Estate Can and Must Come Under The Purvey of The Retail Discount Policy

This is accomplished by separating Finance’s endogenous capabilities to create money for such large purchases as Homes and Commercial Real Estate.

A new monetary authority must be created with the unmistakably beneficial policies of distributing the monetary gifts of a universal dividend to everyone 18 years of age and older and a relatively high percentage rebated discount to all consumer products including the large assets of Homes and commercial real estate.

Note: Reasonable speculative capabilities could still be allowed and would fit within the retail business model of Finance and the money creating power of the NCO as per above, but huge obviously greedy forms of same like leveraged naked shorting and the creation of destabilizing derivative products would not be allowed. Also large merely financial products would be relatively heavily taxed and so discouraged while investments in the traditionally productive economy would not be so taxed.


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