A Job Guarantee If Desired, The Redefinition of Full Time Employment and National Community Service/Personal Psychological Development Etc. For Transitioning into The Leisure Society

Wisdomics-Gracenomics will create the leisure society.  Few people, I think, would prefer the problems of scarcity and austerity as opposed to the problems of abundance and leisure, however, in the process of adapting to abundance and leisure certain measures could be taken in order to constructively assist that transition.

A job guarantee could be devised for anyone who was having difficulties finding purpose without employment.

We could redefine the concept of full time employment to be 20 hrs./week thus generally increasing  employment. Such a definition would not eliminate 40+ hr./week employment if one or their employer wanted such, but along with the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics would free up people’s leisure time greatly and enable people to still adapt to that leisure at the same time.

An optional National Service/Personal Development program tailored to one’s self chosen desires could be implemented to help the community in a variety of ways. The optional Personal Psychological Development program equally tailored to the self chosen values of the individual could also be implemented.

Brainstorming societies for innovation in any and all areas of Life could be encouraged including the option to consume less and/or share consumption more.

A new industry utilizing real life challenges and/or virtual reality experiences to help one better understand Life’s most important necessary mental components (Love and graciousness as Love’s expression) and other positive and mature lessons that mark a truly integrated and happy Life.



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