There are Paradigm Changes, and Then There Are Paradigm Changes

The scope of a paradigm’s effects are monitored by the area of human activity and endeavor in which it takes place. The Copernican Helio-Centric paradigm change had effects primarily in astronomy. It did have secondary effects on human psychology and spirituality in that it was a decentralizing and humbling realization that earth was not the physical center of the universe.

Approximately 10,000 years ago the paradigm change from Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture was a major major paradigm change in lifestyle, economics and human survival in general. In fact a genuine paradigm change in economics hasn’t occurred since,  and a paradigm change in money as Debt Only has not occurred in at least 5000 years.

The new monetary and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Gifting will have effects at least as great and prolific as the one from Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture and with the interconnecting effects of technology, cybernation, the internet and AI  those changes will be even greater, more rapid and in a more saturated fashion. It will invert so many current realities in positive and progressive ways that history will record it as perhaps Man’s greatest discovery and accomplishment.

My father’s generation has been referred to as the greatest because it confronted the evil of Nazism. You have the chance to be an even greater generation by making the monetary and economic paradigm change from Debt Only to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, so let the historical significance and personal purposefulness of that fact settle in your mind and join with me in getting it done. Thank you.

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