Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 12/04/2017

I think global warming is true, but I think its causes are probably an integration of current scientific research and insights from the electric universe paradigm. I base this not only on research from both those perspectives but also the fact that integration of truths from opposing perspectives is the very process of Wisdom itself. In other words when in doubt integrate truths….and keep on integrating them. That discourages orthodoxy and the rigidities and closed mindedness they always engender.

I have a lot of agreement with the libertarian dislike of government, but many libertarians I have interacted with online have an irrational generalization that government is synonymous with tyranny. What if government policy, especially government financial and economic policy, was freeing such as the dividend and discount policies are?

Ideologies and orthodoxies exist on both sides of course. For instance, I just got put on moderation on Billy Mitchell’s MMT blog because I dared to suggest that a universal dividend and a job guarantee could be integrated for better effect than just the job guarantee alone which is becoming a real rigid orthodoxy with MMTers who pride themselves on being liberal progressive.

This country is beginning to descend into a dis-integrative and thoroughly contentious quagmire and the only way out of it is awakening to what an actual integration is. Even if they don’t have a clear idea of what an integration is people are tired of mealy mouthed compromises, poison pill compromises, amalgams simply slapped together or mere liberal or conservative orthodoxies puffed up public relations style. An integration is a thorough combination of the truths and rigorous deletion of untruths in apparently opposing perspectives that creates a thirdness and greater oneness which is one of the signatures of Wisdom.

If we do not wake up and start integrating politically, economically and monetarily then Trump unconsciously wins and so does Putin whether there was collusion by the Trump administration or not because our disintegration is what he’d like to see. Do I fall for the delusions of American exceptionalism, Finance capitalism and our imperial foreign policies? Of course not. I’m for the thirdness greater oneness of a domestic economy that is stable with greater economic democracy and greater freedom and profitability for enterprise and will “force” all other economies to adapt to the new paradigm that accomplished that fact. That is what new paradigms do…because once they are recognized as the incredible breakthrough they are…only the truly stupid or self serving can momentarily stand against them naked for all to see.

As with agriculture, helio-centrism and the Guttenberg press, so with direct and reciprocal monetary gifting.

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