Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The Immediate End of Poverty

With a universal monthly dividend of $1000/mo. and a 50% discount to prices at retail sale that would translate into a two person household potentially making up to $48,000/yr ($24,000/yr in dividends and a doubling of that amount with the retail discount policy) without doing a lick of work for pay. If both persons made and spent their additional $20,000/yr at part time jobs ($40,000 x 2 = $80,000) that’s potential purchasing power of $128,000/yr.

Even if they saved $2000/mo. they would still potentially have $80,000 a in purchasing power per year from work for pay and have $24,000 in savings for a total of $104,000 ($24,000 in savings and potential $80,000 in income from their jobs).

What if they saved $4000/mo.? Thats $48,000/yr. in savings and $31992/yr in purchasing power for a total of $79,992. ($3,333/month from $40,000 in work for pay minus $2000/mo. equals $1333/mo x 2 with the discount = $2666 x 12 = $31992)

Yes, its true they’ll now have to deal with the problems of affluence rather than the problems of austerity, ….but what’s life for but to solve problems, right?


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