Aspects of Economic Theory And Philosophy That Wisdomics-Gracenomics Transforms

Ends dominating effects of the current financial and monetary paradigm of Debt Only.

Exposes as false and beneficially replaces the theories of the velocity of money and the quantity theory of money.

Ends the paradox of thrift in macro-economics.

Totally transforms taxation policy via the new directly distributive monetary policy which would enable the complete elimination of any transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security. Also eliminates the bureaucracies administering them.  Enables the only legitimate reasons for taxation which are to discourage economic (and in some instances personal) vices and encourage business and individual virtues. With governmental alignment with the new paradigm and the concept behind it of Grace/graciousness, it also enables a great reduction or even the elimination of income taxes.

Ends the necessity and/or macro-economic vices of export platform economies and reserve currencies which are actually just disguised forms of dominance within the current financial and monetary paradigm of scarcity/austerity.

Ends the financial and corporate strategy of globalization and enables individual nations/advanced economies to better prosper and re-industrialize in as efficient and ecologically sensitive way as possible.

Forever ends the false theory of DSGE/General Equilibrium and accomplishes free flowingness in the economy with a “higher monetarily abundant disequilibrium”.

Ends the upward only character of power in profit making systems with a vast increase in economic and monetary democracy therefore enabling the individual to have real power with their freeing “money vote”.

Ends the inevitable disintegration of profit making systems and civilizations based on them by the paradigm of Debt Only witnessed throughout mankind’s history, and brings freedom and rejuvenation instead.

Ends unconsciousness of the costing/pricing system by economic theorists and brings them out of their overly abstract and so often inaccurate theorizing.

Ends the idolatry of claiming a system is godlike and must not be touched or intervened in, and awakens everyone to the ethically sane, adult and responsible fact that “Systems were made for Man, not Man for systems”.

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