The Abundant Dividend and Discount Policies: The Way Out of the Liberal/Conservative Fight Over Taxes and Social Security

If you implement a sufficiently abundant universal dividend to everyone 18 years of age and older you can get rid of the taxes that both individuals and businesses pay for welfare, unemployment and social security and get rid of their attending bureaucracies as well.

And if you implement a sufficiently high discount percentage directly to the pricing system at retail sale you can not only avoid erosive inflation you can beneficially integrate price deflation into profit making systems and so virtually eliminate income taxes as the inefficient means they actually are of preventing inflation.

These policies would also short circuit the underlying monetary scarcity system that Finance enjoys….so that they can enforce continuous systemic borrowing and the stream of incredible profits that insures.

We are hypnotized by the paradigm of Debt Only…and I am attempting to be the snapping finger that can bring us back to present time and an economic and civilizational rejuvenation.

Steve Hummel 11/30/2017


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